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Our Founders have decades of experience in developing mass appraisal systems, valuation of commercial, industrial, and residential properties, and nearly two decades of government experience at the state and local levels."

AccuBase provides clients with state-of-the-art property tax base auditing and consulting services that positively enhance public sector decision-making. Our systems are designed to capture all current and new value, allowing you to maximize revenue, while potentially reducing the average property tax bill in your district.

At AccuBase Solutions, we understand your challenges because our primary work is with public sector finance officials. Accurate valuation through state-of-the-art modeling and technologies provides districts a real-time view and understanding of their tax base, minimizing the uncertainty sometimes found in the property tax system.

What We Do

AccuBase Solutions

AccuBase provides the leading assessment analysis and management platform designed specifically for the public sector finance officials.

Our appraisal, property tax, and software development professionals have set the industry standard for fair and equitable real estate valuation. We deliver these results by utilizing state-of-the-art Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) technologies integrated with our proven accurate commercial and residential valuation models.

We cater to our clients specific need to maximize revenue while making sure they are meeting their fiduciary responsibility to property taxpayers by delivering the best value for services.

AccuBase gives local governments complete vision and understanding of their property tax base. “We provide predictability, confidence, and planning in the ever-changing world of property tax.”

Through our staff's extensive experience serving the public sector, it is our passion to help Assessors and Property Valuation Professionals across the country accurately capture and update information, helping them produce the most accurate and defendable valuations. AccuBase is committed to supporting Assessment and Appraisal Offices through our partnerships with local governments and our constant commitment to stand with and behind Assessors in their accurate valuations.

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